Terribly Tiny Tales – 2

1.She wanted to make an impression

Make her presence felt

But while Trying so hard

She just resembled the rest


2.Inner peace was all she wanted

So she kept wondering why

Her heart ended up in pieces instead



Are they all related?

Only in one way

They aren’t related to happiness


4.A little girl pinned a poster to a tree

Live and Let Live it said

The tree laughed in irony


5.She wanted to be called beautiful

He said hot instead

And just like the coffee, she turned cold in ten


Terribly Tiny Tales

1.He smiled, she grinned

 It was a happy beginning

 To another disaster

2. He made her laugh

She gave him hope

Alas society didn’t give them an option

3.He was learning how to walk

She held his hand

Now, the roles reversed, love remained

4.She looked like an angel

He resembled a star

They were picture perfect 

But their pictures were scarred

5.It was the first time he cried

because of a girl

but he didn’t mind

He held his daughter for the first time