My Classic

It was an ordinary day

When we laid eyes on each other

Little did I know, that you would change my life forever


We started with a Hi, conversations slowly getting longer

Your opinions intriguing, your words reeking of sarcasm

And The more I got to know you, the more I wanted to know


While I was comfortable in my bubble

You were a breath of fresh air.

You changed my perspectives, you made me see

The world in a different light and all that I could be


The word “friend” seems extremely inadequate

To describe what you mean to me,

So here I try, to tell you how I feel


From the way you hold the door for me

To the way you make me laugh till it hurts

From the way you advise me

To the way you make me blush

From the way you argue with me for ages

To the way you make hours seem like seconds

From the way you hold my hand while crossing the road

To the way you make even the cheesiest line work

From the way you manage to read my mind

To the way how you always turn my frown upside down

There’s absolutely nothing about you

That I don’t truly and completely love


You’ve been my rock

Someone I can blindly trust

Someone I can always count on

Even if the times get worse


No matter what happens

Wherever life may take us

Distance is never going to change

The place you have in my heart


So my love, I hope you know

In this ever changing world of trend

You’re forever my classic


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