One Night

I saw you walk towards me,

My heart skipped a beat

I was filled with anticipation

My eyes unable to hide the heat


There were no words to be said

No pleasantries to be exchanged

You took me by my waist

And held me close


I held my breath, waiting for your next move

You let the tension build

I couldn’t wait to see how this would unfold

But all I could do was stare


You looked into my eyes

Binding me with your gaze

You lowered your mouth unto mine

My knees buckled, my mind in a haze


I was in your arms, thinking

There’s no other place I’d rather be.

You plonked me on the bed

And grinned that evil smile


You’re mine you whispered

Only mine for tonight

I was only a willing prisoner

Waiting to be held


Your scent was intoxicating

So strong and unapologetically male

I inched closer, your grip tightened

The distance between us

Was far more than I could bare


You made me reach heights

That I didn’t know existed

We reached heaven together

Soaring far far away


Finally drifting back to reality

From what seemed liked an eternity

You kissed me and said

Baby, I love that you’re mine


You conquered my mind,

My body, my soul

So my sweetheart, just promise me this

That you’ll walk by my side

And love me at times

When I forget to love myself.

Promise that you’ll be mine forever

Not just for one night.


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