Hey Stranger

I was in my own world

Living my life without a care

Out of nowhere you appeared

And said a simple ‘hey’


I smiled and shook your hand

You seemed nothing but trouble

An exciting, tempting irresistible trouble.

You grinned and said let’s dance,

We moved to the dance floor,

The music played

Our gazes locked with each other.

We swayed, you gently held my hand

My mind trying to judge you, my heart lost in your eyes


The beat stopped. It was time to leave

There I was, still trying to figure you out

We wished we had a little more time, yet

We parted, with a bye and a stupid smile on my face


Life took over, the routine began

A few days passed and we were strangers again

Busy with our schedule, having no time for time

Our jobs ruling our lives

Days turned to weeks

Soon you were just a memory


I was sitting one day, with a cup of tea in my hand

You came into my mind and I couldn’t help but wonder

Would you still remember me?

The awkward girl you danced with once

And held hands twice


With a lot of courage, I decided to take a chance

It was my turn to say ‘hey’. So now I sat

Staring at my phone, eagerly waiting for your reply


Your replies intrigued me,

Just when I would think “such a typical bad boy”

You would say something incredibly worldly

And astonish me


You were a puzzle I couldn’t wait to solve

A mystery to be resolved

The more I got to know you

The more I wanted to know

You were no longer a stranger

But not yet my friend


You were a bad boy

Who could make a good girl change

Your intentions questionable but honest

With a sigh my heart said,

Let go and enjoy the flow


So, here I stand, saying “Hey stranger”

Ready for my next adventure

Let’s see where life takes us.








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