I Dream

I looked at you and thought

Hand in hand, lets walk life’s path

Making memories, living our dreams

Sharing our deepest thoughts


You came close and whispered to me

“You’re mine till the end of time”

My heart skipped a beat and I melted in your arms


You were far from perfect

I was an undecipherable mess

But together we found clarity

Imperfections seemed better than perfect


The only thing I can promise you

Is that the road will be hard

At one point you’ll ask yourself

“Is it really worth it”

I’ll drive you mad and probably scream and shout

But I know we’ll kiss and make up

After all it’s the fights best part


I’ll hold you tight

I’ll be your rock

During your deepest lows

I’ll be right there to pick you up


When we reach our peak and are soaring

The highs of our lives

I’ll remind you with a kiss

That I’m proud to be ‘Forever yours ‘

So my dear, hold my hand

Together, let’s give love a chance


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