Breaking Free

Today I decide, I’m going to be

As free as a bird, I’ll flow like the breeze

I’ve made up my mind

No longer a sheep

I’m not following the herd

I’m finally breaking free


I’ll make my own way

Sail my own sea

For once in my life

I’m going to listen to ME


Today I’m breaking free

From society’s chains

From their so called “rules for me “

For I can no longer take this hypocrisy,

Its tying me down

I can no longer breathe


I’m finally going to take

A stand for ME

I’ll show the world

All the woman I can be

I might fall, you’ll laugh at me

But I’m going to pick myself right up

My scars only adding to my glory


The day will come

When my dream will be

A reality, for all the world to see

You’ll watch me in awe

As I reach my peak

You’ll finally realize

The worth of me


Till then I wait

Till then I strive

Cause no matter what you say

I’ll still believe in me


I dream with my eyes open

Waiting for the day I’ll please,

No one but myself

And still be happy




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