Her face was as calm as the sea

Her smile as sweet as honey

Everyone she met, Everywhere she went

No one suspected a thing


Little did people know

That just like the currents found deep within the sea

Her mind was just as restless, everyone saw the  surface

Not what was beneath


The smile beautifully masked her emotion

She was an open book to the world

Only a few knew

Her secrets were written in invisible ink,

Decipherable only to those she chose to reveal


What troubles could that pretty little head have , they said

You’re life must be as good as it gets

A pretty face, a loving house, a future husband who will take care of you

What else would you need


But who were they to judge, who gave them the right

Who made them so powerful

To make decisions for her

What did they know about her hopes and dreams

The thirst to prove to the world

That She was much more than a pretty face,

A person to be taken seriously


She wanted to climb the ladder, reach the top and see

The view of All the people who told her, she couldn’t reach the peak

She wanted to make her parents proud


She knew she couldn’t rest ,inching towards her goal

Seeming so near,yet so beyond her reach

She worried constantly , was she falling behind

She dint want to be part of this rat race

Yet she wanted to win so desperately


She took a second and thought

Whom was she trying to prove

No one but herself

The reason being a mystery

Is it because of everyone who said ,

That no one expects much of you

Take care of your husband, your kids, your house

That’s the best you can ever be


She dint care anymore, she would show the world

More importantly she would show herself

That she matters, she made a difference

She’d be the best she could be

She would follow her passion

Supergirl not matching her speed

She wanted to let loose  and scream

Do all the things that she didn’t

Due to the constant fear cause of society


One day she hoped she’d be free

From all the prejudice

From all the expectations

One day she hopes she will stand on top of the world

And say Im happy FOR being just ME



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