Finding Myself

9:00am – Leave for Work

9:00pm – Back Home

Day after Day, the routine continued

Monday to Friday passed like a blur

With the hope of the weekend

Which passed too, with the promise of the next

In the midst of this mundane life of millions

One day I asked myself

Is happiness measured by salaries and bonuses

Or by the mandatory weekend party pictures

Which proved our “happening” social life

If it did , why wasn’t I content

Why did I always feel unsatisfied

Am I being greedy ? Or asking for too much

A job , a home , friends and family to love

What more could you ask for

A lot many would say

How about a purpose to life

A reason to get up everyday with a smile

The knowledge that your existence makes a difference

Is just one of the few things that comes to mind

We are a generation obsessed with searching

From the best smart phone to the perfect job

We are always looking for the next best thing

Worried about our status, our bank balance

Constantly running, terrified of being left behind

We sleep less, work more

Telling ourselves it’s for our future

But sometimes I wonder ,

If I’m constantly sacrificing my present for my future

When does it end ? At 30 ? At 40 ?

Or is it a tomorrow that never arrives

If everyday of my life is spent doing something

That I don’t enjoy, in the hope of a better tomorrow

How will I know when the time arrives

Is god going to strike me with an epiphany?

Of what I’m meant to do forever

How is a girl doing the same thing again and again

For weeks that turned to months

Know what is it that she really loves

The only answer that comes to mind

Is to try everything under the sun

One life and a million possibilities

It seems like my responsibility

To try at least a few hundred

To figure out what it is , that’s meant for me

That gives my life purpose

That undoubtedly gives me happiness

When I spend hours on my shopping cart

To be absolutely certain before I make a purchase of 599

It seems only fair that I spend a few days, few weeks, few months

To be absolutely certain of what it is I want to do

With my one and only Life

The one with no returns or exchange

So from this day onwards

The only thing I’m looking for

Is Finding Myself

And being the best version of ‘ME’


My Classic

It was an ordinary day

When we laid eyes on each other

Little did I know, that you would change my life forever


We started with a Hi, conversations slowly getting longer

Your opinions intriguing, your words reeking of sarcasm

And The more I got to know you, the more I wanted to know


While I was comfortable in my bubble

You were a breath of fresh air.

You changed my perspectives, you made me see

The world in a different light and all that I could be


The word “friend” seems extremely inadequate

To describe what you mean to me,

So here I try, to tell you how I feel


From the way you hold the door for me

To the way you make me laugh till it hurts

From the way you advise me

To the way you make me blush

From the way you argue with me for ages

To the way you make hours seem like seconds

From the way you hold my hand while crossing the road

To the way you make even the cheesiest line work

From the way you manage to read my mind

To the way how you always turn my frown upside down

There’s absolutely nothing about you

That I don’t truly and completely love


You’ve been my rock

Someone I can blindly trust

Someone I can always count on

Even if the times get worse


No matter what happens

Wherever life may take us

Distance is never going to change

The place you have in my heart


So my love, I hope you know

In this ever changing world of trend

You’re forever my classic

What do you need?

It’s 2:04 AM, sleep nowhere in sight

My mind decides it’s the best time to contemplate life

So now I sit and wonder, about love, family, life

And everything that matters

Or should I say everything that should matter.


I think about the kind of person I want to be

My goals seeming so out of reach

Money? Love? Soulmate? Dream job?

What is it that I need

What is it that I want

I realised it’s time to sort my priorities


Society was extremely clear,

Married by 25, kids by 30

What more would I ever need

I just wish I had such clarity


My whole life ahead of me

So much to accomplish, so much to achieve

So as a modern 21st century feminist

What is it that I need?

A part of me longed to reach the pinnacle of success

The other just wanted love, a friendly soul to hold me,

For once my mind and heart agreed, that

They both were as clueless as they could be.


My deepest, darkest fear crept in

That I’ll just be an insignificant speck in this universe

That I wouldn’t matter, wouldn’t make a difference

So now as I write this, I decide

That today I’m going to end my insecurities


It’s ok if I fail at times,

It’s ok if my prince charming doesn’t save me,

I’m going to save myself

Strive hard to be all that I want to be

Cause right now, my fears are giving me a picture

Of what is it that I need


So right now, I put my heart to rest,

My dream of a mills and boons romance taking a back seat

Right now, I focus on no-one but me

I focus on being happy, on being a better person

The one that I want to be

Working on turning my dreams into a reality,

I focus on the people who already love me

Rather than waiting for a stranger

Who is supposedly the one for me


So now all I have to say to the world

Is you better watch out,

I’ve figured out what I need,

I need to prove myself, for none other than me

And No matter what happens

I’m not accepting defeat


Its 2:58 now, I finally decide to sleep

With a sense of purpose, a fire burning deep

Promising myself, that tomorrow

Will be a new day, a new beginning

I’m going to be all that I can be !

So have you decided? What is it that you need?

Hey Stranger

I was in my own world

Living my life without a care

Out of nowhere you appeared

And said a simple ‘hey’


I smiled and shook your hand

You seemed nothing but trouble

An exciting, tempting irresistible trouble.

You grinned and said let’s dance,

We moved to the dance floor,

The music played

Our gazes locked with each other.

We swayed, you gently held my hand

My mind trying to judge you, my heart lost in your eyes


The beat stopped. It was time to leave

There I was, still trying to figure you out

We wished we had a little more time, yet

We parted, with a bye and a stupid smile on my face


Life took over, the routine began

A few days passed and we were strangers again

Busy with our schedule, having no time for time

Our jobs ruling our lives

Days turned to weeks

Soon you were just a memory


I was sitting one day, with a cup of tea in my hand

You came into my mind and I couldn’t help but wonder

Would you still remember me?

The awkward girl you danced with once

And held hands twice


With a lot of courage, I decided to take a chance

It was my turn to say ‘hey’. So now I sat

Staring at my phone, eagerly waiting for your reply


Your replies intrigued me,

Just when I would think “such a typical bad boy”

You would say something incredibly worldly

And astonish me


You were a puzzle I couldn’t wait to solve

A mystery to be resolved

The more I got to know you

The more I wanted to know

You were no longer a stranger

But not yet my friend


You were a bad boy

Who could make a good girl change

Your intentions questionable but honest

With a sigh my heart said,

Let go and enjoy the flow


So, here I stand, saying “Hey stranger”

Ready for my next adventure

Let’s see where life takes us.







I Dream

I looked at you and thought

Hand in hand, lets walk life’s path

Making memories, living our dreams

Sharing our deepest thoughts


You came close and whispered to me

“You’re mine till the end of time”

My heart skipped a beat and I melted in your arms


You were far from perfect

I was an undecipherable mess

But together we found clarity

Imperfections seemed better than perfect


The only thing I can promise you

Is that the road will be hard

At one point you’ll ask yourself

“Is it really worth it”

I’ll drive you mad and probably scream and shout

But I know we’ll kiss and make up

After all it’s the fights best part


I’ll hold you tight

I’ll be your rock

During your deepest lows

I’ll be right there to pick you up


When we reach our peak and are soaring

The highs of our lives

I’ll remind you with a kiss

That I’m proud to be ‘Forever yours ‘

So my dear, hold my hand

Together, let’s give love a chance

Breaking Free

Today I decide, I’m going to be

As free as a bird, I’ll flow like the breeze

I’ve made up my mind

No longer a sheep

I’m not following the herd

I’m finally breaking free


I’ll make my own way

Sail my own sea

For once in my life

I’m going to listen to ME


Today I’m breaking free

From society’s chains

From their so called “rules for me “

For I can no longer take this hypocrisy,

Its tying me down

I can no longer breathe


I’m finally going to take

A stand for ME

I’ll show the world

All the woman I can be

I might fall, you’ll laugh at me

But I’m going to pick myself right up

My scars only adding to my glory


The day will come

When my dream will be

A reality, for all the world to see

You’ll watch me in awe

As I reach my peak

You’ll finally realize

The worth of me


Till then I wait

Till then I strive

Cause no matter what you say

I’ll still believe in me


I dream with my eyes open

Waiting for the day I’ll please,

No one but myself

And still be happy



Terribly Tiny Tales – 2

1.She wanted to make an impression

Make her presence felt

But while Trying so hard

She just resembled the rest


2.Inner peace was all she wanted

So she kept wondering why

Her heart ended up in pieces instead



Are they all related?

Only in one way

They aren’t related to happiness


4.A little girl pinned a poster to a tree

Live and Let Live it said

The tree laughed in irony


5.She wanted to be called beautiful

He said hot instead

And just like the coffee, she turned cold in ten